Plantar Fascitis is a syndrome of acute and chronic pain of the heel and bottom of the foot (the arch). The pain can be from over use tendonitis, heel spurs, calcification or tendonosis. Very often, the pain that is felt over the heel and arch of the foot actually originates from the lower leg! The calf muscles are made up of the superficial gastrocnemius and the deeper soleus muscles.  The tendonous portion of these muscles combine to form the Achilles tendon which inserts into the calcaneous (heel).  Strains, tightness and rigidity of these tissues can ultimately lead to heel and plantar foot pain.  It is therefore of great benefit to treat these lower leg tissues to prevent pain but also to treat pain and enhance recovery.

‚ÄčOur body is a complex and dynamic structure. It is made of skin, soft tissue, muscles, and ligaments. Under all that tissue, we have our skeletal system, the bones. As in nature, our body has soft undulations, curves, nooks and crannies. There are no naturally occurring lines or edges in our body. Trust me, I'm a doctor! It was this observation and medical knowledge which assisted with the development of The Heal Blade. 


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The Heal Blade has a patented concaved/convexed blade that allows for proper cupping & massaging of major and minor muscle groups including the calves, the arches of the feet, the forearm muscles, the trapezius muscles and the quadriceps. The Heal Blade is made of a soothing material with enough flexibility and durability allowing for broad surface area contact with deep tissue pressure and penetration to help alleviate sore muscles, spasms, knots, and plantar fascia pain. Healthcare professionals, as well as individuals are using the Heal Blade daily and returning to work and/or playing field more quickly and pain free by following the recommended uses.

Sore muscles, spasms, knots, and plantar fascia pain. Whether its from a long day at work, repetitive motion, standing all day, running, biking, weight lifting, too many golf swings or a weekend tennis match, our body aches.

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