The high quality, American-built Heal Blade is a semi-rigid high-grade plastic myofascial and scrapping tool created out of necessity for the treatment of plantar facitits, heel pain, and plantar pain. The Heal Blade is a curvilinear device with a concaved and convexed arch with rounded edges on either side

connected to etched-in handles on both sides. Because of its curvilinear blade design, it is an excellent tool for deep tissue penetration & massage, myofascial scrapping, and muscle stripping of almost any affected muscle or soft tissue area. It helps alleviate musculoskeletal pain* such as shin splints, trigger points, sore muscles, heel pain, plantar faciitis, foot pain, muscle knots and muscle tension. 


In the beginning

According to Dr. Adrian DiVittorio, the Heal Blade was invented when he could no longer continue to run and bike because of severe morning heal pain. I tried many devices, splints, gizmos, massage balls, frozen water bottles, and anything else I could get my hands on. Frustrated with the results, I took actions into my own hands. As a medical doctor, life-long athlete, and triathlete, I tapped into all of my knowledge and began developing the Heal Blade. Having consulted with physical therapists, I came up with an easy to use 12-inch, hand-held, curvilinear tool. It allowed me to perform deep tissue
myofascial scraping of my lower body muscles and other affected areas, which vastly improved my morning heal pain. Combined with stretching, ice, and
twice-a-day myofascial scraping, I was finally pain free. 


I partnered with a former University of Alabama football player and created our company, DR Heal (DiVittorio/Rudolph) LLC. Located right here in sweet home Alabama.


Collectively we put our knowledge of medicine, anatomy, physiology SEC champoinship high-end performance, running, biking, triathlons, and physical therapy (my wife is a P.T.) and created an affordable device — The Heal Blade. 

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