The Heal Blade provides myofascial scraping, release and trigger point therapy by segmentally elongating muscle bundles and deep tissue pressure. Because of it's unique design qualities, the Heal Blade can simultaneously release multiple lesions in minimal time with virtually no physical effort.



The Heal Blade is fastly becoming a standard training device at each level of every sport. Pre-activity stretching of muscle, without hyper-extending the joint, is a benefit beyond measure in certain sports. Post-activity use of the Heal Blade enhances and accelerates muscle recovery, which leads to elevation of performance. Professionals report that strength, flexibility, and endurance occur naturally with release of the myofascia and inactivation of offending trigger points. The Heal Blade is strategically designed with convex/concave surfaces as well as contoured edges making it easy to reach most muscle groups.  With this in mind, the Heal Blade is offered in one universal size.
The majority of occupational injuries are musculoskeletal in nature. These injuries have gradually reached such mammoth proportions that some authorities label them a public health crisis. Today, many companies are turning to wellness programs as an investment in protecting human capital. They are searching for productive programs that combine minimal capital outlay, small investments of time, with ease of application. It is a physiological fact that warm muscle works better than cool muscle. Muscle is best warmed by the increase of circulation.  The Heal Blade is designed to prepare muscle for work and to improve circulation and muscle compliance at the work station. Our mission is to provide the worker with the methods to feel better, work harder, last longer and recover faster.



the heal blade 

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