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the heal blade is The best utility device for lower extremities I’ve seen in a long time."
Julia Crager, PT
“It’s great for myofacial release of the foot and leg muscles.”
Kayla Hanks, PT
I love using the heal blade for stripping the hamstrings, quads and especially the plantar fascia."

Amber Smith, PT

The heal blade is A must have for any serious clinicians tool box.


“It’s great for stripping and stretching the hamstrings and quads. It takes a lot less effort than doing a traditional massage. It’s just amazing."
Vince Molyneux, PTA
Having plantar fasciitis can be the worst. All I wanted to do was wake up and not feel like my feet and heels had been beaten with a metal bat.  I went to weeks of physical therapy. I bought oodles of insoles. I took anti inflammatories. I iced at night. In short, I tried it all.  When my friend gave me the Heal Blade, I figured, “why not?” After only one use, I could feel a difference and an immediate reduction in pain. It was seriously like night and day. I would recommend the Heal Blade to anyone who suffers from plantar fasciitis. The results were beyond amazing. Now, anytime I have a flare-up, I use the blade and it totally wipes it out. So excited to have found a product that actually works to relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis! - Liz, journalism teacher and active mom.