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Having plantar fasciitis can be the worst. All I wanted to do was wake up and not feel like my feet and heels had been beaten with a metal bat.  I went to weeks of physical therapy. I bought oodles of insoles. I took anti inflammatories. I iced at night. In short, I tried it all.  When my friend gave me the Heal Blade, I figured, “why not?” After only one use, I could feel a difference and an immediate reduction in pain. It was seriously like night and day. I would recommend the Heal Blade to anyone who suffers from plantar fasciitis. The results were beyond amazing. Now, anytime I have a flare-up, I use the blade and it totally wipes it out. So excited to have found a product that actually works to relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis! - Liz, journalism teacher and active mom. 
“It’s great for stripping and stretching the hamstrings and quads. It takes a lot less effort than doing a traditional massage. It’s just amazing."
Vince Molyneux, PTA


The heal blade is A must have for any serious clinicians tool box.

I love using the heal blade for stripping the hamstrings, quads and especially the plantar fascia."

Amber Smith, PT

“It’s great for myofacial release of the foot and leg muscles.”
Kayla Hanks, PT
the heal blade is The best utility device for lower extremities I’ve seen in a long time."
Julia Crager, PT